Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sawing Logs Over Blogs

Sorry I've been AWOL the past couple of weeks.  Sleep time has been a little thin on the ground lately, and workload a little thick, and when it comes to choosing between sleep, finishing my work, working out, spending time with friends in the real world, or blogging, blogging's last on the list every time.  I have a similar hierarchy when it comes to sleep vs. my "beauty regime."  Which probably would not surprise anyone who knows me in real life.  I aver, however, that without the sleep that I do manage to grab, the "beauty regime" would become an even steeper uphill battle, so...there you go.  

Anyway, hopefully life will balance out again within a week or two and I can be back to my regular once-a-week schedule on this blog.

Until then, you can use all that extra spare time to practice doing this.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Adventures in Craziness, Part 2: Set Me Up With One of Your Friends

I’m frustrated with the norms of society.

Why can’t you just message someone that you’ve only known for a couple of days and say, “Hey!  I don’t know if you’re single, but if you are, I have someone that I need to introduce to you!  She’s amazing!  You guys would complement each other perfectly!  And if you’re not single…well, if you ever BECOME single, and you’re looking for someone, MESSAGE ME!  Because I still think she’ll be perfect for you, although she’ll probably have been snapped up by some other incredibly lucky guy by then.  You’ve really got an amazing opportunity on your hands here…better move fast.”

Why is this not something you can do?

Wait, can you do this?


Yes!  No. 

Maybe I’m just crazy.

…crazy awesome!